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Chronic illnesses pose a rising public health challenge in India. For doctors, this presents an enhanced level of concern for their patients arising from deterioration of condition and the consequences in terms of rising medical costs, risks of hospitalization and lowered quality of life.

Doctors’ desire to acquire the necessary clinical outcomes for their patients is significantly hampered today by

Break in Continuity

Patients miss returning on time for review since they “feel OK’ or possibly shift to another regimen

Inadequate Feedback

Break in continuity for review with patients and limited feedback on progress in intervening periods presents challenges to clinical assessments and treatment decisions

Non -Adherence

High levels of non-adherence to prescribed medication, incorrect use of medication, missed tests etc contribute to steady worsening of condition negating doctors’ plans and expected outcomes for their patients.

Supporting doctors through a unique program

Relex DrCareAssist program serves as a strong bridge between patient and doctor. The Relex goal is ensure medication adherence and help catalyst patient outcomes and minimize worsening of condition through effective implementation of doctor’s prescribed treatment regimen. This achieved through:

  • Counseling to ensure that prescribed medicine is used by the patient in the right way
  • Monthly monitoring and tracking to review the patient’s body response to the medication

In driving medication adherence in patients, Relex directs patients back to doctors for review in a timely fashion and maintains patient records that provide clear picture on the patient’s adherence and outcomes in the intervening period between doctor consultations.  The program is a very effective support that facilitates continuity in patient review. It serves as a great aid for doctors seeking a more satisfying engagement with patients with chronic condition

Qualified and trained Clinical and Service Pharmacists from Relex attend to patients who join the program in the comfort of the patient’s home on a structured, and regular monthly follow up. Focus on ensuring full adherence to doctor’s prescription through counseling on correct use of medication, systematic monthly monitoring of vitals and record maintenance is generating wholesome results.

The program also takes over complete medicine management for the patient ensuring refills exactly as per doctor’s prescription, on time, every time. Just what is needed to facilitate patient’s focus on their treatment.

Relex DrCareAssist program, to be launched shortly, will integrate advanced telemedicine facilities to create a strong platform for “near clinic’ virtual consults with patient’s doctor on a pre-planned calendar. Supported by all other aspects of the Relex DrCareAssist Program, the new features have ensured the gap is closed completely in terms of continuity, adherence and feedback.  It is much needed to maintain the condition and protect patients with co-morbidities in the Covid 19 environment.


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