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As a doctor, you are doing your best to improve the health of your patients with chronic illnesses – be it diabetes, hypertension, cardio vascular problems or COPD – and ensuring their condition doesn’t worsen. But often the outcomes don’t match your expectations, mainly due to medication non adherence by your patients.This could be due a variety of reasons: ranging from lack of knowledge and forgetfulness to dosage regimen complexity and lack of pharmacist counselling.

This is where Relex can support you. We act as a bridge between you and your patients with our unique Relex Health Management Program which seeks to improve medication adherence and thus better outcomes.

Supporting doctors through a unique program

The Relex Health Management program – built along the principles of Medication Therapy Management – is focussed on effective medication outcomes by providing patients with a comprehensive, personalised prescription guide and systematic medication guidance by qualified & trained Relex Health Guides.

The Relex Health Management Programme provides for regular monitoring and recording of key vitals, missed dose tracking and ADR-related checklist which enables you to effectively track patient progress using Relex data in the patient’s record.

Relex further ensures better adherence with complete medicine management of every patient. This includes 100% assured availability of all medicines they need, as per prescription with zero substitutions and automatic monthly medicine replenishment with an industry-best flat discount of 22% on every replenishment.

Relex is committed to making a positive difference to people with chronic illnesses in India, in partnership with doctors by supporting them in ensuring better outcomes for patients.

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