Relex Health Is Your Guide For Stress Free Health Management


For better health outcomes and better quality of life, RelexHealth helps you on an ongoing basis.

Our services help patients to optimize therapeutic outcomes (patients get the most benefit from their medications) and detect and prevent costly medication problems (avoidable hospital admission and surgery). It also encourages patients to be active participants in their health care, empowering them to be more knowledgeable about and responsible for their health and medication use.

It’s a structured program delivered by Qualified HealthGuides - 1st time in India. This program gives "Personalized Guidance" in four directions

1. Help in using your medication correctly
2. Monitoring outcomes to assess impact of your medication
3. Complete management of your medication to make life easy
4. Maintaining records that support you & your doctor towards right outcomes



Life changing experiences of our customers. Same services from Relex Health means different outcomes for each of our customers. We have been able to build trust & actively involved in our customer's better health outcomes.
  • In the initial lock down time, when all the types of delivery services were at halt & fear prevailing, Relex Health team came down with medicine delivery. Thanks a lot.
  • During the COVID lockdown you provided vaccination for us just when we needed it. Very thankful. I am so satisfied with the services. - Vijay Murthy
  • I was unable to find medicines for my father in many pharmacies nearby. My father being a chronic care patient, I was worried. A relative of mine suggested to call Relex Health. I am so glad that I reached out to them. The very next day Relex Health team personally came down to deliver the medicine. I am very grateful to them.
  • In this difficult situation of COVID19 also you people are giving good service. Hats Off. - Ayesha
  • It's so wonderful that Relex Health considers compliance in delivering Medicine. - Prabha Pant
  • Thank you for being prompt in the services and delivering always with a smile. - Mary Chirayil



To lead India in practical but effective solutions for Medication Adherence for Chronic Care Patients.

To make a Positive Difference to the Lives and Well Being of Every Customer participating in the Relex Adherence Program.


We focus on enhancing medication adherence of the chronic care patients.

We are a professional medication management company who ensure availability of genuine prescribed medicines to our customers on a regular basis.

To bring RELiability and EXpertise in all that we do.


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