Slide A first-of-its-kind, personalised, at-home Health Management Program that takes care of all your needs Living with diabetes & heart problems is now stress-free!

Slide They do tests which otherwise we would not have. Importantly, told what particular medicine has to be taken before and after food.” "A personal touch... unlike other platforms"
Slide We are very impressed. As we are getting all the facilities in one place, it is very favourable. That is what we liked.” “They are like
family members…

Slide Now you can, with Relex CareGuides – qualified & trained clinical
pharmacists, who provide personalised guidance at your home.
Wouldn’t it be great to have your own personal Health Guide?

Living with chronic illnesses doesn’t have to be stressful anymore

Ischemic Heart Disease
Chronic Kidney Disease
Congestive Heart Failure

At Relex, we’re revolutionising health management for people with diabetes, heart problems and other chronic illnesses.

A first-of-its-kind healthcare initiative, the Relex Health Management program has been developed keeping the needs of Indian patients in mind.

Delivered in the comfort of your home by qualified and trained healthcare professionals, it makes health management stress-free with your own Relex Health Guide, personalised prescription guides, systematic progress tracking, complete medicine management and more.

A practical and effective program, it has helped hundreds of people prevent their condition from worsening, avoid hospitalisation and most of all, enjoy better health and happiness. You can be next.

Relex Care Plan - Embrace Life with Loved Ones, while we help improve your Health Journey

Sustained Support

Our team of highly skilled Clinical Pharmacists are always available to offer guidance and expertise.

They help you understand the complex world of medication, interpret medical jargon, and answer any questions you may have about your condition or treatment plan.

Medication Adherence

After careful research, our program has been devised and is based on the proven “Medication Therapy Management” principles.

Our Care Plan is designed to ensure the right treatment at the right time, every time. With dosage reminders, regular check-ins, and strategies to overcome barriers to adherence, we help you stay on track with your medication.

High Convenience – At Home

We understand the challenges of remembering refills or arranging for lab tests at home

No more worrying about running out of medication or missing important tests at your home. We take care of these tasks so you can focus on what matters most – “Your Health and Well-being”.

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Bringing together Reliability and Expertise to keep India healthy

A first-of-its-kind healthcare company in India, Relex Health aims to make a positive difference to the lives of Indians with its unique health management program. Brought to you by people with decades of healthcare experience and a team of qualified professionals, Relex is committed to helping people improve their quality of life.

Take the first step to towards stress-free health management and improved health.
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